About Us

Introduction to Business Mall

  • 1.

    Want to start a business?

  • 2.

    Already running a business and looking for business solutions?

  • 3.

    Want to be part of a very profitable and rapidly growing e- commerce and e-service industry???

Business mall is a tech driven portal that offers you an opportunity to trade in more than 20 services ( CA services , IT services, HR services, AEPS, DMT, BBPS, Ticketing etc) and more than 10 products without any hassle of development, maintenance, inventory, accounting, logistics management, team management and that too with the ease of working through a laptop or a smartphone.

Sounds impossible right??

But you just have to become a business mall associate and you can trade in and resell all the services and products listed on our portal and receive great commissions as well as generate huge profits for yourself. We intend to serve every Indian with our products and services through the network of our business associates (franchise, distributor, master distributor) while creating a good business for them as well. We offer the best margins and commissions in market with impeccable IT infrastructure and support to all our associates and their customers which has facilitated a rapid growth in our client base as well as a constant increase in our services and products portfolio. We also intend to create a self-employment and e-commerce revolution in semi-urban and rural India by empowering people with all the right tools and technologies through our portal and bridging the gap between conventional and modern business methodology.


To be the most used, trusted and accepted B2B e-service and e-commerce brand in India


To provide existing and aspiring businessmen with very advanced trading portal that they deserve and empower them to adapt to rapidly evolving and digitalizing Indian market.

To create a self- employment revolution by enabling people from any background and demography to start their own business and thus create more jobs in India.

To serve every Indian through the network of our clients

What makes us different?


Care for our clients

We are a client centred entity and we ensure that all our associates get excellent training, support and grievance handling so that they can serve their customers with impeccable standards.



We continuously strive to improve our working practices, processes and upgrade our technology for smooth and profitable business conduction for our associates.


Under commitment and overdeliver

We ensure client’s delight by always exceeding their expectations when it comes to service or support.


Trust on our system

With our expertise and experience we have developed a very strong and stable IT and business infrastructure that makes our entire system flawless.


Zeal to serve every Indian

We wish to reach every doorstep of India with our products and services that is why we offer best commissions and profit margin to our associates.


Grasp on Indian market

Our firm grasp on Indian consumer behaviour allows us to forecast future demands and market trends thus, enabling us to bring more profitable business options for our associates from time to time